Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Isaiah 58 continues to inspires our mission:

  • To take in the poorest of the poor and to care and love them unconditionally, regardless of religion, caste or gender.
  • To provide them with the tools needed to live restored and dignified lives.
  • To empower and strengthen individual and community capacity.
  • For the development of community hubs that are places of blessing and catalysts in the restoration of broken lives, families and communities.
  • To stand against injustice and be a voice for the voiceless.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see lives of the poor transformed: economically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually and walking in the fullness of life as purposed by God. To be a community of people that loves God, loves people and is a blessing to those in need.

Our Values

  • People First – People are our highest priority.
  • Leadership – Leadership is servant hood. We listen, learn and serve.
  • Visionary – We are big picture people.
  • Organic Community – We are intentional in our beliefs and aspirations, but organic in the development of the journey.
  • Collaboration – One Team One Dream
  • Integrity – What we say, we do.
  • Pioneering – We have a pioneering spirit that does not fear doing what has not been done before, to prepare the way as God calls.
  • Justice – Just as God requires

Our Belief

We believe in the Bible and God’s redemptive plan for mankind and that all people are created equal and in the image of God. It is by God’s grace that salvation comes through his son Jesus. As Kingdom people we are filled with His Holy Spirit, enabling us to live a life worthy of His calling, empowers us to do His work, to be the salt and light to a broken world and to be a blessing to others regardless of religion, creed, caste or gender.

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