Narela, a village on the northern outskirts of Delhi, sits on the Haryana border. Delhi House Society established the Sewa Ashram in Narela in 2000.  Since that time, the work of Sewa Ashram has seen incredible growth and development, from a focus on patient care, to a philosophy that involves caring, connecting, equipping and empowering. (For more this approach, see here.) After being connected into a Sewa Life group, patients may get involved in literacy training, job skills training, microfinance and other initiatives.

The ashram is located in an area surrounded by slums and lower socioeconomic communities. Due to our presence in the community, Delhi House Society was able to establish a learning centre for the local children. (For more on learning centres, see what we do.) Having gained the respect of the community through the learning centre, we now also provide programs for adults. These include Hindi literacy, spoken English and sewing classes, as well as community awareness and education programs.

Delhi House Society has also been able to establish other initiatives in the local community, such as the Sewa Life Shop. Located in the village, the shop provides affordable clothing for Narela residents, as well as creating meaningful employment for some of the ashram’s long-term community members. Ashram Beats, another employment project of Delhi House Society, creates beautiful handmade jewellery.

Over the years, Sewa Ashram has also sold a variety of other products, including artwork and glassware. Jewelry is one of the primary products now sold. They make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and keychains, which are all designed by the patients!

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