Sustaining a Dream

Sustaining a Dream
April 25, 2012 Comments Off on Sustaining a Dream
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Sewa Ashram was started back in 1996, and it started small…a few rooms in the heart of Delhi, which housed a dozen or so patients.

But the need was great and the patients kept coming. By 2000, the property here in Narela had been purchased, and it now houses about 100 people on the plot of land. Since the move to Narela, the organization has been seeking every opportunity to decrease their need for outside assistance and increase its own sustainability.

These days, the organization employs a variety of tactics to boost their self-sufficiency. They grow their own crops. They produce a number of different retail products. They raise animals. And they help patients obtain their own financial independence.

The ultimate goal for Sewa Ashram is to be increasingly self-sufficient. Whether it’s sewing their own mattress covers or producing their own food, the organization wants to cut costs any way they can.

While donations are a vital part of Sewa Ashram’s long-term existence, these sustainability efforts are a way for the organization to be a partner in its financial cause, instead of a dependent.

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